Uppy! now at WHSmith Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted!

When you fly out from London Heathrow T3, T5, Gatwick South and North or Stansted, ask for Uppy! The genius flyer and arrive in much better shape after a long flight! Uppy! rehydrates and replenishes your body and helps you manage the side effects of...

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Does Gin & Tonic make it…?

My trick for a long haul flight used to be Gin & Tonic. Now it is Uppy! - The genius flyer + Gin & Tonic.. It is SO much better! When travelling long haul, it helps me sleep better if I can drink a gin and tonic (or two) after my meal - even though boozing at...

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How to avoid jetlag

What is jetlag? Jetlag is  an expression used when flying over timezones.  If you want more detailed info, read  this link Jetlag according to Wikipedia Make sure you are properly rehydrated! Even if jetlag mainly happens when flying over time zones, you can feel "jet...

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Ideas for long distance travelers

Think positive! To travel is fun! Even if it can be a bit of pain.. But think positive! You will see something new, meet new people and much more! Enjoy and take the opportunity to live and learn and your trip will be even better! Prepare your self It always good to...

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Travel bloggers

There are many, many bloggers who provide lots of travel inspiration and travel advice. We will on and off mention a few … newyorkmybite.com is a Swedish blog about New York. Translation (to English and other languages) available in web version. New York is a great...

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