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Uppy! – the genius energizer
2 tubes of 10 tablets

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Uppy! contains  electrolytes + minerals + vitamins + ginger + caffeine,  formulated to effectively handle dehydration issues and help you fight the effects of air travel as well as being a energy boost at any time.  A real  ”oral rehydration solution” based on World Health Organisation guidelines for rehydration products.  This formulation is key to keep you rehydrated efficiently. Stay to the recommended water/tablet instructions  to maintain the osmolarity of 224 Mosm/kg, which makes your body absorb the electrolytes efficiently.  To be properly rehydrated will contribute to good circulation.  All vitamins and minerals will contribute to the normal function of the immune system, the protection of cells for oxidative stress and to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Read more at the section ”benefits”
Uppy! fly through security  or can be in your gym bag, and should be added to water, 1  effervescent tablet , good for 3 hours of flying or exercising, in 15 cl still water. One practical way many users do, is to buy a 50 cl still water bottle  and allow 3 tablets to dissolve in the bottle.  Taking one more tablet at arrival or the day after, will give the extra support and energy kick. Taking Uppy!- the genius enegizer  in conjunction with a round of golf a warm day is also a good idea, also after a glass of wine to much. Reason it works also here is the good rehydration formula.

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