4.8 rating
4.8 out of 5 stars (based on 21 reviews)

Best morning vitamin

5.0 rating

Big fan of this product. Best morning vitamin/supplement I’ve had

Harry Wake

Marvellous rehydration tablets

4.0 rating

I first bought Uppys for a long trip to Australia. I can’t say whether they worked as I forgot to use them! However I have discovered they are marvellous rehydration tablets after upset stomachs, too much sun, heavy sweating, high fevers, etc. Being elderly I also take one every now and then to restore my electrolytes especially when I suffer from night cramps. I love Uppys!


Very impressed with Uppy!

5.0 rating

Very impressed with Uppy. This was a repeat purchase as, after being very sceptical initially, I have found more than once that Uppy can quickly boost my recovery after physical exercise or long hours of work like nothing else I’ve tried. Whenever I feel exhausted, I now have a product that I know can ease the pains and aches and get me active again. No negative side-effects that I’m aware of.

Terence Donovan

I felt more alert, in better shape and more energised

5.0 rating

The effect, believe it or not, I actually felt more alert, in better shape and more energised when I arrived.

I don't have aches and pains anymore

5.0 rating

Taking Uppy during flights is helping my body so much. I don’t have aches and pains anymore, I am way less tired and my head stays more clear.
I hope we can all fly to other beautiful places in the world soon again 🙂


A fantastic creation and invention

5.0 rating

Uppy as a product is a fantastic creation and invention. I and my family are regular users. Even at times my stock has depleted and I am trvavelling, Mr Ollie the promoter of Uppy has been kind enough to get it delivered to my travelled destination. Where on this planet can you get such service and consideration for a person who orders small quantities for home consumption. Feels like family. God Bless…

Saman Malik

Love it!

5.0 rating

Great idea and Product! Love it!

Bodil Edström

I feel very much better and fresher nowadays

5.0 rating

I travel frequently between India and Sweden as well between Delhi and Bangalore in India. I have now come into the great habit of taking Uppy! when I travel to and from India. I have also started to take Uppy! on the pre dominantly early morning medium haul flights between Delhi and Bangalore ( 2 ½ hours) . I feel very much better and fresher nowadays when I arrive after having started to take Uppy! I buy Uppy! on their webshop but it would be great if you could start to sell Uppy! at Indian airports – and on the major European airports.

Tore Lindström, Head of Robotics India 
ABB India Limited

Felt much fresher and jetlag was minimal

4.0 rating

After a return flight Copenhagen-Mexico I tested Uppy! and felt much fresher and jetlag was minimal.

It really worked! Felt much better!

5.0 rating

Just used Uppy!- The genius flyer to China and back, Stockholm- Shanghai. It really worked! Felt much better – both ways! Will use it again, and can absolutely recommend it.

Richard Mattus

It sure worked!

5.0 rating

I am a frequent traveller and I have always felt a bit drained and tired after my long haul flights. I recently came across Uppy! – The genius flyer. Uppy claims it will rehydrate you ad replenish you during long flights and make you arrive in better condition and managing jet lag better. And it sure worked! If my normal condition has been more of feeling drained and I need to force myself to get going, I arrived in so much better condition, really rehydrated and fresh, making me go direct to the gym the same day. I also managed my jetlag symptoms much better. Remarkable! And the taste was great, nice touch of ginger. The 50 cl I had was just a treat! Try it! Pay off is just great!

Mats Nihlen, frequent traveller, Chairman of Didi Design AB / Bud to Rose, fashion jewelry brand

I wasn’t disappointed at all

5.0 rating

When travelling long haul, it helps me sleep better if I can drink a gin and tonic (or two) after my meal – even though boozing at such high altitude is actually discouraged for various reasons with the most common one being that you don’t feel so great when you land. It’s been a trade off I have lived with very peacefully until I tried Uppy! After a friend recommended I try the Uppy! to remedy my exhaustion problem (I’m usually very exhausted when I land the next morning, which usually means that the rest of my day is spent in recovery). I took Uppy! as recommended on my 11 hour long overnight flight from Johannesburg to London. I wasn’t disappointed at all. This is a great product if you want arrive at your destination feeling fresh. I wasn’t even looking for a cure of the inevitable semi hangover that’s an always add on to the exhaustion. I can’t imagine flying without this product, and definitely recommend it to anyone looking to stay on the move upon landing. Keep up the great work, and all the best with your product! I will recommend it whenever I can, which is easy because it works.

Hellen M

Much less jetlag then normally

5.0 rating

I learned to know about Uppy! from a SAS Captain that uses Uppy! on long haul flights and figured it was worth testing. I used Uppy! on two return trip Copenhagen- Seoul and experienced much less jetlag then normally. The ”hangover feeling” you usually have for a couple of days was not there, just a bit normal tiredness from the time difference. It is an easy to use product, easy to bring in my carry in board luggage and it taste good. If any complaints, I think it dissolved a bit to slow and there was some residual left in the glass even if I stirred.

Måns Boll, Lomma, Sweden

I felt very refreshed

5.0 rating

I fly between San Francisco and Taipei every other month. I tried Uppy for the first time on my last trip, and I felt actually very refreshed upon landing, and made coping with the Jetlag much easier.

Royce Hong, frequent flyer, Taipei

Worked just perfectly!

5.0 rating

Uppy worked for me. I arrived fresh and went directly to a restaurant vs having to go home and rest. Perfect! I always get a headache and feel very tired in my body when flying, also on medium haul flights, so it was obvious for me to try Uppy! when I heard about it. And it actually worked just perfectly! I was fresh when arriving and ended up in a nice restaurant with a glass of wine, rather then being forced to go home and rest. Great!

Mikael Weidenbring, Helsingborg, Sweden

Felt a big difference

5.0 rating

I am a frequent traveller and have just been on a return long haul flight trip where I used the opportunity to test Uppy! There was a remarkable difference from the first flight ( without Uppy!) and the return flight where I took Uppy right after takeoff! . After the first flight, I was quite dehydrated and needed to get quite a lot of water to rebalance the hydration balance. After taking Uppy! that problem was gone. On both flights I did not drink any coffee nor alcohol to be sure of getting comparable results from this little experiment.
I have gathered some information below that back the medical advise to take Uppy!. On top of the discomfort when getting dehydrated, there can be added risks for quite a few of us. Blood clots, also called deep vein thrombosis (DVT), can be a serious risk for some long-distance travelers. Most information about blood clots and long-distance travel comes from information that has been gathered about air travel. However, anyone traveling more than four hours, whether by air, car, bus, or train, can be at risk for blood clots.
Dehydration. This is a condition in which your body doesn’t have enough fluids. This condition causes your blood vessels to narrow and your blood to thicken, which raises your risk for blood clots. (DVT). About 1 in 20 caucasians suffer from Factor V Leiden which causes a higher risk of clotting and DVT. Studies have found that about 5 percent of Caucasians in North America have factor V Leiden. I also found that 70% of DVT may hit persons that do NOT have Factor V Leiden. My interpretation is that everyone should stay well hydrated when travelling by air.

Micael Keating / Frequent traveller and ex pilot

It was wonderful!

5.0 rating

After a 10:30 hours flight from London, I arrived in LA feeling refreshed and not dehydrated as I usually feel. It was wonderful. This is despite me having wine with my meal. I am definitely using Uppy going forward. It is too good not to be used…well done!!

Lyad Duwaji /Frequent flyer, California

Much better than when I drink water alone

5.0 rating

I have had the chance to try Uppy! on my recent double flights to Washington DC. I am a flight attendant and on this particular shift I went to Washington and came back to London twice in 6 days. I normally drink 2-3 litres of water per flight to stay hydrated, this time I had Uppy! with me and popped a tablet in my water bottle at the beginning of the flight and another 4 hours later. I felt more energised and therefore less tired, I didn’t feel as thirsty as normal and Uppy! certainly does what it says on the box. I used Uppy! throughout and felt much better than when I drink water alone. I also used one during a gym session of workout and spinning and it is definitely worth a shot!

Carlo Di Carlo / Longhaul flight attendant

These are better and more convenient for travel

4.0 rating

I bought these at WHSmith in London Heathrow and took them on a long haul overnight economy flight.  I felt so much better as a result despite limited sleep – refreshed and hydrated.  I’ve used rehydration sachets before but these are better and more convenient for travel.  I travel frequently for work, and have now bought them in bulk for future travel.


What a fabulous product invention!

4.0 rating

Not just for flying but also for my 6 times a week party nights; What a fabulous product invention!!


Your biggest fan, and lifetime brand ambassador

5.0 rating

I’ve just got back from my wedding, and I had to write and congratulate you for creating the most incredible product I’ve ever experienced. I’ve in the industry for years, and rarely try anything which seriously impresses me until I tried Uppy. I promise you; I am not just saying this; these tablets are mind-blowingly amazing!! Last year I went to Thailand and suffered from jetlag for four days, it was hell, and with this trip totally jampacked with planning a wedding, I was dreading it. Until, both my husband and I took an Uppy tablet every 4 hours on the flight, and we both had ZERO jet lag. Not even one dodgy hour. It is utterly remarkable. I have officially become your biggest fan, and lifetime brand ambassador. Uppy, you just need to be on every single aeroplane! Thanks!

Katie Tillard