The Story of Uppy! - the genius Travel Recovery Drink

Make sure to be proper hydrated! Be that when flying, working out or in your daily life!

I have experienced endless tiring flights followed by immediate meetings on arrival. It just stole all my energy. Something needed to be done and a great idea was born after talking to pilots, doctors and other frequent flyers. I had this idea turned into a Travel Recovery Drink mix that helps to arrive as crisp as a cucumber after a long flight. To Rehydrate and Replenish yourself efficiently and to arrive in much better condition, to recover from travel fatigue and jet lag much faster is so easy and so obvious.


We developed Uppy on the fundaments that first prio is to have a really good rehydration formula to which we add features. WHO, World Health Organisation have set up guidelines for what a Oral Rehydration Solution is and we based Uppy on this. Together with the added vitamins, minerals and ginger, Uppy supports Hydration, Gut Health and Immunity. A great product was born and we have learned that Uppy is appreciated also outside the airplane, when sporting, at work, at home. As Uppy contains all the essential vitamins and minerals we need, its multivitamin properties are appreciated as an immune system support. The ginger part is great for much, where gut health is one part. And still, being properly hydrated is still very important for overall wellbeing. It is just a genius idea and a genius mix of ingredients making a Isotonic wellbeing drink.


As it works for flying and these tougher conditions, it is of course great also when playing golf or tennis, biking or at the gym. As a start of the day, getting the electrolytes plus vitamin B, C, D, Zinc, Selenium, Magnesium and Ginger, all in one go. That is a good start of the day. At the office, at a conference, a healthy pick me up is always the right thing!

A great tasting electrolyte rich isotonic sports drink tablet. Uppy will replenish what is lost during exercise, travel, low immune system. Your daily hydration and immune-boosting tablets.


We developed Uppy as a unique Travel Recovery Drink supporting body rehydration, circulation and the immune system, reducing tiredness, boosting with antioxidants, wrapped in a nice lemon lime ginger taste. Uppy is delivered in an effervescent tablet easy to bring and dissolve in a glass of water. Developed for tough flying conditions so works just perfectly on ground as well.

Olle Marköö, founder of Uppy!

How do you get hold of Uppy? Where is it sold?

To take care of your self and other is what Uppy is all about. In that sense, Uppy was onboard First class for quite some time, a very appreciated treat. To be onboard Airplanes is a route Uppy is focusing on, but having seen what the COVID situation have brought us, this market is a bit slow right now, but soon we expect to develop this more. Airport retail is another route, where we have been sold at eg WHSmith airside stores in UK and on Dubai airport pharmacy stores. 
There are other arenas where the taking care concept is obvious, at eg hotels but also at any company’s arena, a fruit basket thought. We welcome all enquires and look forward to help you take care of yourself, your friends, your colleagues or your customers!
Our day to day business come from our own web shop, from where ship globally. We are also on and soon also on and
Uppy is there for you, wherever you are. To support your Rehydration, Gut Health and Immunity. To take care of your self

Prepare for a soft landing with Uppy! – the genius Travel Recovery Drink