Mind blowing amazing! ZERO jet lag. Not even one dodgy hour. It is utterly remarkable!

I’ve just got back from my wedding, and I had to write and congratulate you for creating the most incredible product I’ve ever experienced. I’ve in the industry for years, and rarely try anything which seriously impresses me until I tried Uppy. I promise you; I am not just saying this; these tablets are mind-blowingly amazing!!

Last year I went to Thailand and suffered from jetlag for four days, it was hell, and with this trip totally jampacked with planning a wedding, I was dreading it. Until, both my husband and I took an Uppy tablet every 4 hours on the flight, and we both had ZERO jet lag. Not even one dodgy hour. It is utterly remarkable.

I have officially become your biggest fan, and lifetime brand ambassador.

Uppy, you just need to be on every single aeroplane!


Katie Tillard

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