Ideas for long distance travelers

Uppy! #bjornpilot cockpit
Think positive!
To travel is fun! Even if it can be a bit of pain.. But think positive! You will see something new, meet new people and much more! Enjoy and take the opportunity to live and learn and your trip will be even better!

Prepare your self
It always good to be in good shape… Physically, mentally. So exercise, eat well and sleep well. Not least before a long a trip. It is not a bad idea to take 1 or 2 Uppy! before you depart…

Prepare your packing
To bring what you need is important. But if you forget something, dont panic, you can almost always buy something new… Often one tend to bring to much! Heavy and much to carry around with. Luggage also can disappear… The best is to travel light, with only hand luggage. If you dare… In any case, try to bring the most essential things in your hand luggage, including a toothbrush and your contact lenses.. And preferably some light clothes including underwear to change if needed… When you once lost your luggage, this advice will be appreciated..

Prepare your paper work
To travel means you need to spend extra time to sort your paper work, plan ahead.. Pay bills, stop post and news papers coming, answer what you need to do etc. A small stress factor so don’t do it last day.. And once you return, things have built up, so there is lots of things do coming back…

Don’t forget to bring
your passport.. And it is a good idea to make a photo copy or two of your passport and keep it separated. In case you loose it.. Same with credit cards, take a photo copy of your cards and hide it somewhere… You can also have more then one credit card and keep the extra somewhere else, if you loose one, you have another one.. And some old fashioned good old cash is not a bad idea… Check if you ned any type of vaccine or similar and if you need a VISA… Easier to fix & bring upfront…

Check in and Security
Go to your airport allowing you not to rush… Give yourself the little extra time so you can handle a delay in traffic, a long line in check in or at security… At security, make sure you do not bring your expensive perfume that contains more then 100 ml.. And no knife like objects…

At the airport
Stroll around, enjoy. Consider of you want to eat at the airport vs on the plane. Buy some water to bring. And why not, take an Uppy! now!

Keep your devices charged
Don’t forget to charge your electrical gadgets before you depart and bring an international plug set so you can charge wherever you land.

On the plane with Uppy!
If have had the chance to book a good seating, like one with extra legroom, enjoy it now! Now it is time to take your 50 cl water bottle, take a sip and take 3 Uppy tablets and put in the water to dissolve. If you plan to sleep during the flight, you can drink all in one go. Otherwise, drink a bit on and off. You can also just poor a glass every 3-4 hours and dissolve a tablet. Make sure you take one tablet o 15 cl water, correct concentration will make your body absorb all need electrolytes. To use special socks for flying is also quite good. A pillow and your personal blinds… And comfortable clothing, untighten if possible..

Move around, stretch, and exercise in flight
When you can, it is a good idea to move around in the plane, stretch and make your body work a bit so your circulation benefits.

Try to sleep
Sleeping is important for all of us. Sleeping on a plane is for some a bit of a challenge. But try to relax and enjoy and perhaps you will fall asleep.

Enjoy your flight and stay hydrated
Try to think this is fun! You fly! Enjoy food and perhaps a glass of wine, even if a good rule is to stay away from all alcohol. Drink water! And drink Uppy! so you make sure you stay hydrated.

A general rule is to jump into your new time zone directley. Set your watch on the flight or when you arrive, go out and get some fresh air, execise if possible. Buy yourself a good dinner. Enjoy. Go to bed ”early” local time so you hopefully can get some rest and sleep.

Another sort of recipe…
When asking a contact what recipe you have, I got the following advice, which I do not entirely agree to…

  • Sleep – the most important factor; can be achieved by tiredness or consumption of drugs (Ambien (zolpidem)) or 1/2-1 bottle of very good claret (red bordeaux)
  • Keep hydrated – 3-4 litres of water the day before/of travel and a litre on board when waking
  • Time zones: get on destination time as soon as you get on the plane and sleep and eat accordingly
  • travel First Class or arrive days before any important meetings
  • Provigil (modafinil) – if you are truly exhausted this will keep you going for a day or two but the crash will be bigger afterwards