How to avoid jetlag

What is jetlag?

Jetlag is  an expression used when flying over timezones.  If you want more detailed info, read  this link Jetlag according to Wikipedia

Make sure you are properly rehydrated!

Even if jetlag mainly happens when flying over time zones, you can feel “jet lagged” after any long flight.  One important and efficient way to fight the challenges around jetlag is to make sure you are well hydrated.  When you take Uppy!-The genius flyer, its efficient rehydration formula backed with vitamins and minerals will suport you a lot, wherever you are flying to.

Tips how to manage jetlag

#1-prepare for the new timezone

Prepare by getting used to your new timezone before you leave. Check what the time is a your new destination, and start to move in that direction by eg going to bed a bit earlier, or later…

#2-drink water the day before, and an Uppy!

Drink more water the day  before you leave and preferably, take an Uppy! as well

#3-set your watch

Buy a water bottle on the airport, 50 cl, still water. Once boarded, set your watch according the the destinations time and start living and thinking the new timezone directly.

#4-drink Uppy!

Open your Uppy! package, take a small sip from you water bottle and put in 3 tablets, allow the to dissolve properly. If you are on a day flight or just want to stay awake, sip Uppy on and off during your flight. If you plan to sleep, drink it all in one go. This is enough for 9-12 hours flight for most persons.

#5-eat before departure?

If you really should sleep asap based on your destinations timezone, consider to eat something light at the gate vs waiting to get served. Put on you eye shades, new socks and perhaps also compressions socks,make sure you have comfortable clothing that do not sit to tight. Drink some water as well.

#6-eat light and enjoy

If you choose to eat on the plane, try to get it served asap or bring your own food.  Eat what you like and what you normally feel good of. Don’t eat very much food. Drink what you want, but much alcohol or wine dehydrates you so be a bit careful. But of course, as you have taken Uppy, it will help you a lot coming to rehydration.  You should of course enjoy the flight!!

#7-jetlag cures

There are some jetlag cures that people talk about, like:

-Melatonin. We naturally have levels of Melatonin in our bodies, when levels rises, it promotes sleep. Taking additioal levels of Melatonin rises the levels meaning some get to sleep easier. Personally, I do not like taking Melatonin, my body does not to like it, but some do. Melatonin is not availble in all countries without a prescription.

-Vitamin B12. That good and used by many (and included in Uppy)

-Aromatherapy.  Some appreciate it and why not?

-WATER! That i of course good with water so just drink, plain still water and splash it on your face. If you drink a lot, you will have to spend som time in the toilet que..

-Sleeping pill. There are light ones, making you fall asleep and stronger ones. Most on prescriptions. If you should sleep and cannot sleep, I see it as a good idea, as getting some good sleep is good for you.

-Uppy! .That is very good and safe to take. A WHO based rehydration formulation together with lots of vitamins and minerals to support your immune system and make you less tired. Including eg vitamin B12, Magnesium, Zinc… 3 tablets give you the daily recommended dose.

#8-move around, exercise

On the plane, take a walk when you can, do some stretches, when you sit, do some stretch or yoga like moves. All the keep your circualtion active. Same story when you have arrived, go to the gym or go out for a jog in the park or just run the stairs.

#9- get light!

Once arrived, try to live the local timezone and get out in the light. Light is great for you! So outdoor exercise is bette then the gym..

#10- mini nap?

When you have arrived and have many hours before you can get to bed, you can consider a short nap, perhaps one hour or so. But don’t sleep to long! Be where you are clockwise, go to bed “early” but not to early. And do not sleep more hours then you normally do, so don’t oversleep.


Last but not least, enjoy! Think positively, have fun and make the best of your trip, now when you have supported your body with Uppy, being rehydrated and replenished!



Uppy on a kite board