Does Gin & Tonic make it…?

My trick for a long haul flight used to be Gin & Tonic. Now it is Uppy! – The genius flyer + Gin & Tonic.. It is SO much better!

When travelling long haul, it helps me sleep better if I can drink a gin and tonic (or two) after my meal – even though boozing at such high altitude is actually discouraged for various reasons with the most common one being that you don’t feel so great when you land. It’s been a trade off I have lived with very peacefully until I tried Uppy! After a friend recommended I try the Uppy! to remedy my exhaustion problem (I’m usually very exhausted when I land the next morning, which usually means that the rest of my day is spent in recovery). I took Uppy! as recommended on my 11 hour long overnight flight from Johannesburg to London. I wasn’t disappointed at all. This is a great product if you want arrive at your destination feeling fresh. I wasn’t even looking for a cure of the inevitable semi hangover that’s an always add on to the exhaustion. I can’t imagine flying without this product, and definitely recommend it to anyone looking to stay on the move upon landing.

Keep up the great work, and all the best with your product! I will recommend it whenever I can, which is easy because it works.

Hellen M