Product & How to use

When and how should I take Uppy! effervescent tablets?

How to use? Dissolve 1 tablet in 15 cl of  still water. Tablets take approx. 1- 3  mins to dissolve. 

  • Travel: Take 1 tablet every 2-3hrs during flight (whilst awake). For even better results, we recommend taking  1-2 Uppy (eg dissolving 2 tablets in 30 cl of water) 1-2 days on either side of travel. Uppy! -the genius energizer is great to take as an arrival tablet or if you are on a day flight as we have added caffeine for extra energy. 
  • Work: Take 1-3  tablets daily. Morning, lunch or afternoon. One tablet in a 15 cl glass of still water. 
  • Party: Had a big night? Take 1-2  tablets in 15 cl resp 30 cl of water before bed and 1-2 tablets  in the morning to feel refreshed! 
How much water shall I add?

One tablet should be dissolved in 15 cl of water. This concentration is fairly important to achieve maximum absorption by your body.

What does Uppy contain?

Uppy! is a supplement tailored to feel well when flying and arriving in better shape, It is a rehydration product based on the directions from WHO plus vitamins and minerals. The rehydration part restores lost fluids. Vitamin D, Zinc and Selenium contributes to the normal function of the immune system. Vitamin B12 and Magnesium contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue. Vitamin C is an oxidant that contributes to the protection of the cells from oxidative stress. Uppy also contains ginger, that may have many positive effects. In the red tube, we have added caffeine for extra energy. See more under our "Products" section.

Does Uppy contain sugar?

As sweetener, we use Stevia, so in that respect no sugar. However, to give you  a really good rehydration product, we follow the guidelines from World Health Organisation where a small sugar content is a must to make it a proper rehydration product with correct osmolarity. One tablet thus contains 2 g sugar. 

What is Osmolality?

Osmolality measures the total concentration of soluble ingredients in a solutions. Wikipedia writes: Osmotic concentration, formerly known as osmolarity, is the measure of solute concentration, defined as the number of osmoles (Osm) of solute per litre (L) of solution (osmol/L or Osm/L). The osmolarity of a solution is usually expressed as Osm/L (pronounced “osmolar”), in the same way that the molarity of a solution is expressed as “M” (pronounced “molar”). Whereas molarity measures the number of moles of solute per unit volume of solution, osmolarity measures the number of osmoles of solute particles per unit volume of solution.

Uppy have an osmolality of 288 mOsm/kg water, which is in line with WHOs recommendation for an oral rehydration solution. Blood has an osmolality of 280-300 mOsm/kg. This means that Uppy will be effectively absorbed by your body.

Does Uppy contain allergens?

No, Uppy is allergen free.

Does Uppy contain Gluten or Lactose?

No, Uppy is Gluten and Lactose free.

Shipping & Payments

Do you do free shipping?

Yes, for all order over € 40 we offer worldwide FREE SHIPPING. Please note we use PostNord (our Swedish national post service)  for this free shipping option. It is non-trackable and generally takes 1-15-23 working days to reach you. The closer to our Swedish warehouse, the faster. 

What if my order get stuck in customs?

In some cases, your order might get stuck at customs. It might get checked randomly and depends on regulations of each country. Unfortunately, it is out of our control and we do not hold any responsibilities if the items could not reach you once dispatched from our premises. However, we will make sure to provide product-related information to customs if required so that it will not get stuck. Please contact us at hello@uppylife.com if you have any queries.

How long does it take before I get my Uppy online order?

The timeframe estimated on the website is the expected transit time for the shipment, i.e. starts when your order has left our warehouse until it get delivered. Generally, it takes 1-3 working days for Sweden orders and 2-7 working days for non-trackable international shipments within EU  and 3-21 days outside EU. 

In addition, we aim to dispatch your order with 1-2 working days from the time your order is placed. However, this might take longer during holiday seasons or due to the stock availability or the volume of orders we get. Please note we do not have any control over the delivery time once your order has been dispatched.

Will there be any import duties or tax when ordering online?

Although there is a possibility that our customers will have to pay for charges on customs or tax, this happens on very rare occasions. Some products may incur import duty and/or tax, and neither the pricing of these goods or the shipping times are inclusive of any impact this may have.

I have not received my order yet

Generally, the expected delivery timeframe is 1-3 working days for Sweden orders and 2-15-23 working days for international orders pending where you are located. . If you haven't received your order within these timeframes after having received a confirmation of dispatch from us, please let us know at hello@uppylife.com. In some occasions, your order might get stuck at customs which is out of our control and can take unexpected time for clearance.

How can I pay and is it safe?

We use Stripe as our payment supplier where you can use Visa, Mastercard, Amex or you can pay with Paypal, where they also accept cards if you do not want to use a PayPal account. We do not keep any card or payment information so it it is perfectly safe. Our website is also  encrypted and safe. 

I am flying with a week, will I get my order?

If you are having your Uppy shipped to Sweden, you will most likely get your order on time for your flight. We tend to, but do not guarantee that we ship same day we received your order,  if we have it in our system before lunch CET. If you are in northern Europe, you probably also have a good chance but no guarantee. If you contact us  we can for extra cost ship with FedEx economy, that normally takes 3 days, and is trackable. Pls mail to hello@uppylife.com   

Any other questions?

We hope that you will find the info you need on our website. If not, pls mail us at hello@uppylife.com