How to avoid Jetlag and arrive fresh with Uppy!- The genius flyer.

cropped-uppy-icon-2.pngFrequent traveler Mats Nihlen, chairman of Didi Design AB / Bud to Rose, an international fashion jewelry brand, shares his experience and suggestions when traveling on long haul flights

I have traveled regularly to especially Hong Kong and Miami during the last 15 years; both fairly long flights from Copenhagen, which actually has been quite tough for me. It does of course vary how I feel after a flight, but more in the level really tired and worn out to just a bit shaky and tired. Within a few days, it normally is better. My jet lag symptoms fade out step by step. Even if I love traveling, and most often enjoy it in SAS business class, long haul flights are tough on me. I am kind of washed out for a few days after a long flight.

On my last trip from to and from Hong Kong, I tried Uppy! – the genius flyer that is supposed to make you arrive in better condition after a long flight. I dissolved 3 tablets in a 50 cl still water bottle and drank it during my flight. And I actually took a fourth tablet just before landing. The day when I arrived I felt absolutely great, strong and fresh which resulted in that I went directly to the gym and had great work out. This was remarkable and really great and a big change from my normal status of dragging myself around and I quite often just try to rest when arriving. This even if I had managed to sleep, which I normally do. I just feel totally drained. This time, it was a big change and a very positive change.

Even if there still was a fairly big time change, I managed this jetlag issue much better. I just felt stronger and ready to live and enjoy life in the new time zone immediately. The main difference is that the feeling of being ” drained” was not there at all, which I assume must have to do with the fact that Uppy! is a real rehydration product. And it worked. The small body aches, from slight headache to a stiff body etc, also felt much better. I assume this is due to the great mix of vitamins and minerals Uppy contains (where some ingredients are similar to what I need when a do my work outs). The taste was great, I really liked the ginger and noticed Uppy contains quite a lot of it, which I think, is great for many reasons.

For me, Uppy! is a given on all flights. Getting that support, arriving fresh, rehydrated and replenished is really a given and a no brainer. Just do it!

And I have started to take an Uppy! when I work out as well.. And actually also after a glass of wine to much..  And now my recommendations for  great restaurants in HongKong:  BO Innovation, Nobu and Café Gray Deluxe.  And in Miami: Ola, Mandolin and Prime One Twelve. Enjoy!

Mats Nihlen, Chairman and owner of Didi Design, / Bud to Rose, fashion jewelry brand