Are you heading for long haul flight? I just want to give you a valuable suggestion. Try Uppy! and arrive rehydrated and fresh!

I am a frequent traveller and I have always felt a bit drained and tired after my long haul flights. I recently came across Uppy! – The genius flyer. Uppy claims it will rehydrate you ad replenish you during long flights and make you arrive in better condition and managing jet lag better. And it sure worked! If my normal condition has been more of feeling drained and I need to force myself to get going, I arrived in so much better condition, really rehydrated and fresh, making me go direct to the gym the same day. I also managed my jetlag symptoms much better. Remarkable! And the taste was great, nice touch of ginger. The 50 cl I had was just a treat! Try it! Pay off is just great!

Mats Nihlen, frequent traveller, Chairman of Didi Design AB / Bud to Rose, fashion jewelry brand

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